​Alice's UndergroundHemp & Herbal Remedies

we take what’s underground seriously

Alice’s Underground is the hemp and herbal remedy arm of The Golden Hoof. We make high quality hemp and herbal remedies starting with well tended, healthy soils. At The Golden Hoof we feed our soils with multi-species cover crops and nurse crops that build diverse biological communities and then let our ruminant animals (animals designed by nature to break down the cover crops above the soil and turn them into rich, bio-available fertilizers) feed that biological soil community from above.

We mimic nature and build soils organically, rotating our multi-species flerd (cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys, geese, ducks and chicken) on and off each area of land as needed to maximize photosynthesis, carbon sequestration and plant health. Healthy soils make healthy plants, air and water, and in turn make healthy animals and people. Diverse, healthy eco-systems further attract beneficial insects keeping pest and diseases under control without need of chemicals, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.

We grow our hemp organically, in small fields and process in small batches. We hand harvest our hemp and hang it in our barns to dry. Once dry we strip the flowers and soak them in organic alcohol at low temperatures to gently extract their cannabinoids and terpenes. Then, while keeping the temperatures low, we increase the pressure to remove the alcohol from our hemp essential oil without destroying the delicate terpenes. This makes for a full spectrum, raw hemp oil extremely high in CBD with an entourage effect coming from a full range of other intact cannabinoids and terpenes.

Please Note:  We go to great lengths to describe our soil health as hemp is an excellent bio-remediation crop used internationally for this purpose. What this means is that hemp can extract toxins out of soil better than most any other plant. After harvesting, hemp plants used for bio-remediation are full of toxic waste, so knowing where and how your hemp is grown should be of particular import to anyone looking to derive health benefits from this remarkable plant.

Hemp and Herbal Remedies:

Hemp Body Butter
Apply topically as needed when you are cranky from cramps; sore from a bump, bruise or pull; have a scar, varicose vein or hemorrhoid; or just need to release that chronic blocked energy so you can relax.
Ing: Org, sweet almond oil, org., raw, Peruvian cacao butter, org. hemp essential oil,  helichrysum essential oil, cypress essential oil.

Paleo Hemp Body Butter
Hemp Body Butter is made with the lard from our omnivorous pigs (yes, all pigs are omnivors). Our pigs are raised outdoors in the Colorado sunshine on high quality food waste collected from our community and our own farm. They dine on a diet of fruits and vegetables from The Pressery, Isabelle Farm, Munson Farm, Colorado University and Sister Carmen; along with sprouted and fermented grains and breads from Moxie Bread and Post Brewery. They also greatly enjoy leftover eggs from our birds, leftover whey from our dairy cows and the occasional squab dinner provided by the plethora of local pigeons.

Tooth and Gum
Use as a toothpaste when you have a tooth ache or inflamed gums, when you are fighting an infection, or when you feel sleepy but stressed out.
Ing: Org. aluminum free baking soda, distilled water, org. hemp essential oil, myrrh essential oil,  peppermint essential oil, grey sea salt, org. tea tree oil.

Release and Heal Tincture
Take as needed under your tongue when you feel sleepy but sleepless or stressed out and cranky- or take as a general tonic when you are feeling under the weather.
Ing: Org. sweet almond oil, org. hemp essential oil, org. turmeric essential oil, org. ginger extract, org. black pepper extract.

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