The Golden Hoof | 3375 75th St. Boulder CO 80301 US | +1.720 900-9494

The farm is powered by the maximum allowed photovoltaic system.  How odd that we legally limit the amount of power generated by the sun in a state which boasts over 300 days of sunshine?

Zeke Yewdall of Mile High Solar has installed 11.64 kw of grid tied solar PV panels with nickel iron battery storage for us. These batteries are U.S. made, have an expected lifespan of 50+ years, and are not toxic. Our photovoltaic electricity production should exceed all of our residential use and should contribute significantly to our farm electrical needs.

We have no gas or oil lines/service on property. In the future, we hope to have enough renewable power generation on-site to power all of our uses including our transportation needs.

Home Grown Energy