Our birds truly range free on 27 acres (unlike grocery store free range eggs) eating bugs and whatever they can find and addition to homegrown black soldier flies, barley and sunflower seed sprouts, an organic grain mix, non GMO cracked corn and lots of fresh greens both from the farm and the community waste stream.

Chicken Eggs $8/ dozen

Duck Eggs $10/ dozen

​​Lard Products

In the old days everything was made with lard. Well made lard from healthy pigs is an exceedingly stable, exceptionally moisturizing and deeply nutritious substance. 

Salve- Our salve has Calendula and Lavender for their soothing effects, Comfrey for it's abundant nutrients and Nettles for it's ability to reduce inflammation and allergies. 5oz- $12

​Super Salve- Our Salve with Helichrysum added for it's ability to release blocked energy and heal scar tissues. 4oz- $24, 12oz-$58

Soap- Our soap is lard with lye for it's cleansing ability, castor oil for sudsing and bentonite for it's detoxifying effects. $7- $9 per bar

Purchasing our Products

Kombucha Scobies/ Milk and Water Kefir Grains 
We believe in the healing powers of fermented foods. Our favorite liquid ferments are apple cider vinegar, Water and Milk Kefir and Jun Kombucha. We are happy to offer Kefir grains and Jun Kombucha Scobies to our customers to make there own ferments at home. Please contact us in advance of your visit if you would like some so that we can have fresh grains/ scobies waiting for you.

$15/ 1/4 cup (+/-)  Water Kefir grains- SOLD OUT
$15/ 1/8 cup (+/-) Milk Kefir grains 
$15/ one big Jun Kombucha Scobie (can brew with honey)

Breeding Stock
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing Clun Mule or Clun Forest Sheep, Mulefoot x GOS Pig, or Heritage Chicken, Turkey, Goose and/ or Duck Breeding Stock. We often have excellent breeding stock available.

Greenhouse Soil
We have greenhouse and garden soil available for purchase for $315 per yard. It is a combination of top soil, compost, perlite and azomite. Please call in advance.