​​Lard Products

In the old days everything was made with lard. Well made lard from healthy outdoor pigs is an exceedingly stable, exceptionally moisturizing and deeply nutritious substance. 

See "Alice's Underground" for our Salves and Tinctures

Soap- Our soaps are lard based, made in the traditional way with lye along with castor oil for sudsing and bentonite for detoxifying effects. $7- $9 per bar

Wool Products
We have wonderful people who help us sheer our Clun Forrest Sheep and clean, spin and knit our wool. We sell raw fleeces ($12-$15/lb), roving ($2/oz), yarn ($18/skein) and finished wool products like sweaters, hats and socks.

Purchasing our Products

Cows and Sheep: We feed our ruminants exclusively on fresh green pasture, hay, fermented vegetable and fruit silage (we make from juice pressings we get from The Pressery in Denver), as well as sprouted barley we grow for them in the winter (so they have fresh live greens year-round). We holistically manage our pastures using rotational grazing to ensure that we are constantly improving our soils and building soil organic matter in our grass ecosystem.

Pigs: 98%+ of our pigs' diet comes from the waste stream. Our pigs eat high quality, pre-consumer waste from Isabelle Farm, CU, The Pressery, Sister Carmen, Moxie Bread Company, spent brewers grains from Post Brewery and a great deal of our own farm waste. The great majority of it is not grain based and the grains they do consume are generally sprouted or fermented making them vastly more digestible and nutritious. Our pigs live outside, rotating through areas of the farm that need a boost in organic matter and biological life while creating the compost we use to feed our vegetable gardens.

Birds: Our birds free range on 27 acres eating whatever they find. They clean up after our cows, sheep and pigs, breaking their parasite cycles and creating amazing eggs as they go. We also feed them fresh farm sprouted grains year round along with vegetable waste and our own soy-free grain mix (we never purchase GMOS). Like the cows, sheep and pigs, they work tirelessly to improve the biological life of our soils and create the compost we use for our on farm heating systems.

Kombucha Scobies/ Water Kefir Grains 
We believe in the healing powers of fermented foods. Our favorite liquid ferments are apple cider vinegar, Water Kefir and Jun Kombucha. We are happy to offer Kefir grains and Jun Kombucha Scobies to our customers to make their own ferments at home. Please contact us in advance of your visit if you would like some so that we can have fresh grains/ scobies waiting for you.
$15/ 1/4 cup (+/-)  Water Kefir grains
$15/ one big Jun Kombucha Scobie (can brew with honey)

Breeding Stock
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing Dexter or Dexter Jersey Cross Cow, Clun Mule or Clun Forest Sheep, or Mulefoot x GOS Pig  Breeding Stock. We often have excellent breeding stock available.