Karel and Alice Starek

We love doing educational tours focused on our broken food system, ecological/ regenerative farming with animals, green building techniques, passive and active solar systems, homesteading techniques, greenhouse design and/ or operation, traditional cooking, etc. ​​​​​​​​​​Please call or e-mail Alice to schedule a tour. We normally charge $100 for private tours for groups of up to 25 and are happy to cater to your needs.  For more kid-centric farm visits, please try Sunflower Farm, Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, Canyon Critters, the Denver Aquarium, Belleview Petting Zoo, Jumpin Good Goat Dairy, Broken Shovel Farm and the many others that cater to children. 

For longer visits  we have an Intern program. We take Interns living and eating on the farm with us for around a year for a full immersion in our style of farming. A strong body, an inquisitive mind, an enthusiasm for local meats, fruits and vegetables and a desire to get your hands dirty are required, along with a good match with our mission, values and lifestyle.

We are currently accepting applications for internships starting in Jan of 2019. Please understand that due to the limited number of positions available on the farm and the nature of our work and products we do not accept vegetarians. (It's hard for us to share meals with them as we use our lard as our primary cooking fat as we both have a plethora of it and believe it to be far superior both nutritionally and flavor wise to any vegetable fat we have ever tried.)

Thanks for your interest in our farm!

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