What We Grow

As of the 2017 growing season, we continue to work on many infrastructure improvements to the farm while progressing to our core business of growing food. We are currently growing fruit and nut trees along with grass, legumes, insects, and barley and sunflower sprouts in support of our current heritage beef, lamb, pork, turkey, duck, goose, chicken and egg production while experimenting with different berries and vegetables.

In our 3,000 square foot tropical greenhouse we produce traditional annual vegetables year-round beneath an overstory of tropical perennials like bananas, citrus, mangoes, avocados, and cherimoya. Outside we are starting an acre of fruits and veggies along with our animals.

We are maintaining and improving our breeding flock of Clun Forest sheep (45 ewes with 4 rams) and crossing our Clun ewes with a Blue Faced Leicester ram to produce Clun mules known for hybrid vigor along with improved fleece and carcass quality. 

Additionally, we have 6 Dexter cows who we are just starting to milk; four breeding sows (and 20 piglets); a couple hundred layers (heritage chicken and ducks); 4  turkey hens and four geese.

Due to Boulder County zoning regulations we cannot currently sell most of our products to the public. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We do sell chicken and duck eggs along with soaps and salves and some limited cottage foods direct to consumers straight from the farm.

The Golden Hoof | 3375 75th St. Boulder CO 80301 US | +1.720 900-9494