As of the 2019 spring season, we continue to work on many infrastructure improvements to the farm while growing our core business of healthy meats. We are currently growing fruit and nut trees along with grasses, forbs, legumes, insects, and barley and sunflower sprouts in support of our current heritage beef, lamb, pork, turkey, duck, goose, chicken, egg and dairy production while experimenting with different berries and vegetables.

​We have also started a hemp business to pay for our "farming habit". Please see our "Alice's Underground" website to learn more about it.

In our 3,000 square foot tropical greenhouse we produce traditional annual vegetables year-round beneath an overstory of tropical perennials like bananas, citrus, mangoes, avocados, and cherimoya. Outside we are starting an acre of fruits and veggies along with our animals.

Due to prohibitive government  regulations of many different kinds we do not currently sell our products to the public. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. Please inquire if you are interested in private sales of live animals that can conveniently come in ready to eat packages.

What We Grow